ZDEEX Network is a 100% Private

ZDEEX Network is a 100% Private, private, decentralized blockchain Our network uses the Zerocash protocol, which ensures the confidentiality of transaction metadata. The codebase is based on Hush, Komodo, Pirate and Zcash 2.0 ZDEEX Network - applies 100% Sapling transactions. Your private sending transactions cannot be compromised by the activity of other users on our network. This is 100% privacy ZDEEX Network supports the TOR Network Based on the resulting ZDEEX Network platform, the ZDEEX development team, together with invited specialists and consultants from other well-known projects , is working on the creation of a decentralized exchange, a centralized exchange, the integration of a messenger and a wallet for storing crypto assets in android. More detailed information and the latest news can be tracked on our website, the official discord and Telegram channel.


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